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I'm Jess and I'm glad you stopped by! I am an author & writing instructor from Edmonton, AB. I completed my MFA in Writing at the University of Victoria in April, 2011. Since then, my first book about an Italian midwife has been selected for publication by Brindle & Glass and will be out in 2013. Some of my stories have appeared in Canadian literary journals like The Malahat Review and Other Voices. You can reach me anytime at
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I’ve imagined this moment a million times. I think most aspiring writers have.

I’m practiced with imagining. My manuscript is full of pages of imaginings. Imagining life in another place and at another time. Imagining the sound of a door clicking shut and of brittle wheat snapping under foot. Imagining final conversations. Creative non-fiction permits this type of entry.

I have been cautious when imagining that my work would enter the real world. I think it is important to write first for the story, and then for the audience. Two years after formally beginning my book project, and four years after the single story that started it all, I have a book contract! Imagination meets reality!

I am thrilled! I have the fabulous Ruth Linka at Brindle & Glass to thank for the opportunity to share my story. 

 I’ll keep my blog—this space that has charted my book writing experience—updated with all the details! 


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